Penguin Karts — a paradise for everyone? [P2E, NFT, WAGER]

GameFi is the major place where the action is these days. According to DappRadar data tracker, about 50% of active crypto wallets that were connected to major Dapps were for playing P2E games this winter. I think that each of us himself perfectly understands the reasons for this excitement and growth, right?

But the more people start their journey into the world of combined earnings and games, it becomes more and more difficult to find a truly worthwhile, and most importantly — a reliable project to which it would be profitable to devote your precious time and money investments.

Within the framework of the indicated problem, in this article (which is my own research of the Penguin Karts project), I will try to give you an answer that each of you can voice to yourself.

Who am i? Why should anyone listen to me? First of all, I am a crypto enthusiast who has tried various directions in the field of cryptocurrencies in recent years: from ambassador programs and IDOs to P2E games and NFT ludoman mints in various dubious projects. This work is a set of bare facts that I dug up, and everyone should draw a conclusion for themselves!

As Andy Bromberg said: it pays to be early.

Let’s see if this is true for this project!

Penguin Karts

Nobody can tell you better about the project than its creators, let’s see how they describe Penguin Karts: “Penguin Karts is a Play-to-Earn battle racing game, where drivers race against each other and compete for prizes and in-game swag”.

Under the beautiful phrase “in-game SWAG” hides nothing less than the already familiar to us NFT. Non-fungible tokens are given a huge value in the project. These in-game NFTs can be any of the following:

  • Custom kart skins (Custom kart skins are exactly what they sound like);
  • Weapons (Yes, you heard right! Weapons drop during races that are designed to slow down, or derail your opponents);
  • Your playable character — Penguin.

The gameplay promises to be not boring and diverse with various game modes:

  • Players race against each other in race heats with 4–8 members;
  • or they will be able to join the winner take all demolition derby style matches.

The Penguin Karts mission is to become the leading gateway for onboarding non crypto users into a fun ecosystem where friends can casually gather, race, talk smack, and generally have a good time together, while at the same time providing an easy entrance to the Metaverse, play to earn games and crypto in general.

Despite such an emphasis on the average player who is not familiar with cryptocurrencies, the project team is working to provide a better experience for crypto enthusiasts as well.

In their creation, the project team combines all the best from the Ethereum and Fantom ecosystems, namely: the enormous user base and reach of the Ethereum ecosystem and the advantages of super low gas fees on Fantom and their active gaming ecosystem.

This combination works great for other features as well, which we’ll talk about a little later. After we’ve touched a bit of the Penguin Karts community, I suggest we dive right into the topic.


Throughout my years of experience in close association with many crypto projects, I have repeatedly seen in practice that the community is perhaps the most important part of the project. Without a well-built community, projects that looked confident from the technical side fell apart before my eyes. That is why this element should be given sufficient attention. I have divided this important topic into several sub-sections:

  • Community member — who is it?
  • Project team

Community member — who is it?

According to the team, absolutely everyone can register and start their exciting action-racing adventure. The main idea is the comfortable coexistence of both those who like to spend a couple of hours of their free time playing the game, and crypto enthusiasts who are already familiar with the Play-2-Earn genre.

For those who want to simply play, they promise an excellent atmosphere and lot’s of gaming locations that will not let even the most seasoned get bored.

Moreover, the game will be absolutely free, which will allow you to get rid of the mandatory purchase of in-game valuables imposed by many P2E projects to start the game. But this will not deprive you of the opportunity to earn!

And even if you think that you have grown out of all these games, the project has something to offer you.

Do you consider yourself an NFT trading guru? Then the marketplace of the project is at your service! Buy, sell, earn on the price difference and even on staking (we will talk about it a little later).

Is gambling your middle name? Believe it or not, Penguin Karts will find a place even for you thanks to its Wager system, where you can bet on race results!

On paper, everything looks just fine, but there is nothing more important than the thoughts of the community members with whom I was able to communicate, as well as conduct a social survey with the support of the administration!

Many thanks to the responsive team!
The administration posted a link to my survey after my request!

I prepared a google form where I asked the following questions:

  • What did you like most about the project that makes you wait for the product to be released?
  • What are your expectations about the project?
  • Do you have any comments or suggestions for the team?
  • How would you rate the professionalism of the team?

Having processed and analyzed all the answers received, I can describe the general impression as follows:

The project bribed with its idea, team activity, risk-free start, as well as the number of partnerships. The overall assessment of the project is Very high and outstanding, the professionalism of the team was noticed and rated by users at 9 out of 10, and as wishes they asked to pay attention to marketing and motivate users to become NFT holders.

After such a positive assessment from the community, I cannot pass by those whose merit is this — the project team!

Project team

CEO — Tommy Dahlberg

Is a lifelong gamer and blockchain enthusiast, In addition, he brings with him SEO, design and management experience. He founded and led a Crypto-focused marketing agency as COO, helping blockchain-based businesses grow their communities, which saw him work closely with popular Crypto exchanges and over 100+ individual projects.

CMO — Baz

He has a career in social media going as far back as 2009 and brings with him a solid 10 years of marketing experience in the tech industry which inevitably lead him to the blockchain.

COO — Rhiannon Fletcher

started with Atari in 1983, and her Telegram and Discord handle, Mistress Vegas is her old video game handle from the City of Heros, an MMORPG from 2004.

Business Development Manager — Mert

The youngest member of the team, interacted with crypto 10 years ago before any of the rest. He did so in a video game. He was not old enough to have a bank account, and the game allowed BTC payments and a teenage Mert convinced his father to buy some BTC for him so he could use it to make in-game purchases. So, fast forward to 2020 and he rediscovers crypto and builds a profitable trading bot, begins staking and accumulating, and now is advising projects on tokenomics, and streamlining operations.

After getting to know the team, you should have no doubts about the veracity of the assessment from the community! Who, if not professionals, as well as part-time gamers, should understand the desires of the community and not solve all issues in the most favorable way for everyone?

Project Highlights

There really is a lot to tell about, but the article will be very long, so I will note briefly (Only the information that was not mentioned in the article will be collected here):

  • Staking on Ethereum — Rewards on Fantom. No, really, I’m not kidding. 2D and 3D NFTs minted on Ethereum can be staked (you will also be able to stake multiple NFTs at once) in PK upcoming contract. Then players can claim their rewards in-game with playable NFTs in the form of Loot Boxes on the Fantom (FTM) chain. This transfer is made possible because both chains are EVM compatible. All without complicated bridges;
  • Did you know that the team gave away 10,000 2D NFTs (made from 200+ hand-drawn traits) for free to their community?
  • The team did a great job and made it possible to reduce minting Gas Fees by up to 50%. The same method can be used for a future 3D NFT collection as well;
  • The game will be available to play on Windows/Mac, and it will also be adapted to play on mobile devices;
  • Bets (in future) can be placed both in NFTs and in project tokens;
  • Inspired by penguins and their loyalty for life, Penguin Karts will also set aside some special resources in a campaign dedicated to Penguin conservation.

Project token. Investment conditions

The PGK Token

  • Total supply will be 200 million PGK
  • Initial Circulating Supply 2,941,200 PGK
  • The hard cap will be 200 million PGK this means ALL PGK tokens are pre-minted and no extra PGK tokens will be created. This means that PGK is NOT subject to inflation.
  • The initial price of the PGK token will be 0.04$
  • The Initial market cap will be $117,648
  • Funding rounds have a 1 month cliff followed by up to 11 months of vesting.

My words are not a call to action!

My conclusion: investing in this project looks extremely attractive in terms of bare numbers. Great tokenomics, great purchase price for everyone during the public sale. Excellent investor prices (taking as an example the last project on Coinlist — Axelar, where investors bought a token for 3 cents, and it is offered to the community for $1) allow you to positively coexist and earn, leaving a lot of room for growth.

If tokenomics and information about the initial circulation of tokens is not enough for you, then why not look at the number of project partners?

  • Tartarus Finance — a decentralized launchpad built for the Fantom Ecosystem
  • Moonwhale Ventures — a crypto focused VC firm
  • KyrptoPlayboy — a thought leader in the blockchain gaming arena
  • Kaso2ka Ventures — a world-class gaming VC
  • Gachyi Land — a Play-to-Earn MMORPG on the blockchain
  • FantomStarter — The OG launchpad for the Fantom network
  • Crypto Daku — a crypto thought leader, and pioneering investor in the NFT space
  • Breach — a gamified social platform where avatars level up through interacting
  • Stakely VC — a team of OG VCs that began their crypto journey in 2013
  • Fairum Ventures — a crypto VC and PR expert
  • TrustPad — a premier launchpad for crypto gaming projects
  • SpaceSwap — a decentralized crowd-funding aggregator & launchpad
  • Black Edge Capital — a project incubator focused on GameFi projects
  • CryitoMind — Gaming thought leader
  • VulturePeak — a community driven launchpad focused on Metaverse and GameFi
  • Paragen — an optimized chain agnostic incubating launchpad
  • BullPerks — for retail buyers to access private sale allocations for the most sought after crypto projects
  • CryptoFomo — a thought leader and news source for crypto enthusiasts
  • Dreamboat Ventures — a blockchain social VC with over 10,000 investors
  • KingPad — a platform offering investors early access to blockchain games & metaverse projects
  • Fam Central -
  • NFTPad
  • QU Ventures
  • Alpha Crypto
  • Fabwelt Studios
  • Etherinity
  • vEmpire
  • BeGlobal Finance
  • OxBull
  • Venomous Capital — a KOL

Impressive, isn’t it? But that’s not all! The following rating, which was recently published by CryptoGraph Ratings, can finally convince you of the correctness of my words:

Summary of my research

Based only on bare facts, official information published by the project, as well as the results of my own research, I can say with confidence that Penguin Karts can be a real gamechanger of 2022. The whole set of facts: a team of professionals, an original idea and implementation, serious collaborations, an active community, revolutionary solutions in the technical part, as well as an incredibly attractive tokenomics, make this project one of the best for investing at the moment.

Connect with Penguin Karts:
Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord




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