Public APIs. How to use BLAST functionality in a couple of clicks.

Hello, dear friends! Most recently, the Bware Labs project introduced its product — BLAST — an API provider platform. The main goal of this platform is to solve the problems of infrastructure of an everyone expected #Web3. The foundation of this platform is reliability and a solution to the problem of latency through the use of geographically distributed third-party nodes.

This all sounds complicated, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. And you can use it in just a couple of clicks (thanks to BLAST).

An API is an application programming interface that helps applications communicate with each other. In daily life, we use APIs all the time, for example, when we search the Internet for a house to buy, we find a website that uses the site’s API to retrieve information from the corresponding real estate database of this resource.

Cryptocurrency APIs allow you to get up-to-date information about digital currencies and their prices from various platforms and networks.

Using the BLAST functionality, users will be able to create a dedicated endpoint that will allow them to access most of the RPC methods needed to develop a dAPP and/or interact with the blockchain.

Each user has access to the free BLAST plan, which offers 12 million API calls per month with a throughput of 25 calls per second and the ability to create 1 project.

The list of supported blockchains can be found here:

Impressive, right?

  • First we need to go to the BLAST website;
  • In the upper right corner you will see the inscription “Public API”, clicking on which will take you to the list of available blockchains, where you can select the network you are interested in;
  • You can view statistics or create a project by connecting your Metamask wallet to BLAST (it is absolutely safe and no fees are charged).

Interested in a technical question? I suggest that you read the technical documentation, which is available HERE. There you can find answers to your questions on each of the networks!

It is also possible to hone your skills with the function of creating demo projects!

Everything is really that simple!

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